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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Meet: The Alliance

(Please keep in mind that the pictures beside each description are in no way final. They're just what each character is wearing currently, and will change according to how lazy/productive i feel.)

Name: Lokeh
Age: Late twenties - Early Thirties
Race: Draenei
Class: Warrior
Faction: Alliance
Professions/Hobbies: Armorer, Shieldcrafter, Weapon-maker, Prospector/Miner
Guild: N/A

Background: As much as she loved her birthplace on Azuremyst, Lokeh longed for adventure. Blessed by her parents, and gifted with the arts of the blacksmith, she traveled her way to Stormwind city in search of glory. Though the people of the Eastern Kingdoms had been given time to adjust to their new allies for quite a few years now, she would still get unwelcome glares from townsfolk who were disgusted with her appearance and language. It was hard for her to find her own people in the vast city, especially after the Cataclysm. She found friendship in Goldshire with a warlock named "James Hotaka" who she simply called "Hota". The two would later work together to protect Westfall, as well as fall in and out of relationships -- each one feeling as though the other was cheating on their own race. When Lokeh later enlists as a guardian at Redridge, she is tasked with finding the cause of the kidnappings and disappearances. Without giving away too many spoilers to the plotline -- She becomes prisoner to her own quarry.

Personality: Curious, somewhat naive, brave, adventerous, virtuous. She has a childlike fascination in man-made things, and loves to sing folksongs from her people -- especially when accompanied by dance. She's a horrible judge of character, and easily believes what she's told. (The Draenei of Azuremyst still follow the ways of the light, and find no sound reason to weave lies and stories that are untrue, thus she's never been exposed to them. Upon discovering lies, she's deeply hurt -- one of the reasons she and Hota part.)


Name: James "Hota" Hotaka
Age: Late Thirties, Early Forties
Race: Human
Class: Warlock
Faction: Alliance
Professions/Hobbies: Enchanting, Lorekeeping, Spellweaving (tailoring), Bag-maker
Guild: N/A

Background: Yet to be determined.

Personality: Weaver of lies, deceptive, dark and brooding, yet has a soft-spot for Lokeh. He sees an Innocence in her that is attractive and intriguing. However he's a warlock of destruction, and loves every minute of it.



To be added:

  • Wardrobe
    • Lokeh (Stormwind, Hometown, Sleepwear, Festival, Guard)
    • Hota (Everyday, Destroyer, Festival, Guild-leader)

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