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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Wardrobe: Cloth > Suits, Overalls, and whatever on earth that is...?

There are a lot of strange pieces of clothing in WoW. From wolf head helms, and plate bikinis, to squid-staffs and dual-wielding frying pans, there's no shortage of items that just... don't quite fit in. This post, is going to inadvertantely highlight some of them.

For instance...

Every person who's even been online during the Feast of Winter's Veil, has seen these furry little miniskirts. Dubbed "Red Winter Clothes" and "Green Winter Clothes" respectfully, each one can be purchased (either as a pattern for tailors) or from a tailor who already knows the pattern. (Yay Abrigale!) Though it's traditional that the red suit is Alliance, and the Green the Horde, it's not completely uncommon to see the opposite faction wearing the other's color. (Yay neutral auction houses!). 

These two furry skirt sets are the only ones like them in the entire game, and are considered a chestpiece, but will also remove your leggings, should you be wearing them. you can however, wear a shirt underneath this, as well as the extremely festive "Winter Boots" and matching hats (both in Red and Green of course.)

It should be mentioned however, that on males this isn't a skirt-set. (because that might be kinda awkward, and not to mention REALLY cold.). On males, the suit is the traditional "Santa" suit. Full leggings, closed shirt, etc. (Still very smexy though.)


Speaking of holidays, Valentine's day has it's own equivalent to the lovely dresses. Unfortunately, they're not quite as... er... sexy. Actually, i've heard a lot of people compare them to pajamas, and when you look at them that way, they actually look kind of comfortable, but definitely not questing material. 

The "dinner suits" as they're dubbed, come in three colors, Purple, Blue, and Red, and can be found in "Dinner Suit Boxes" which can be bought from the vendors during the holiday week for 20 love tokens. Though they're not on my list of must-haves, i'm sure somebody out there could find something fun to do with them. (Keep in mind though, if you're up to that task, that just like the winter suits, these will remove any pants you're wearing, even though they are considered a chest piece. Shirts can be worn underneath these as well i think?


Ah! This is what i'm talking about! Easily Jim's favorite costumes in-game, the Festival Suits are a nod to the Chinese kimonos used to help celebrate the Lunar Festival held in the moonglade each year (which of course is itself a nod to the Chinese New Year!) The suits come in four colors, three of which, can be bought via coins of ancestry from a vendor in Moonglade (Teal, Blue, and Black). The last (simply named "Festival Suit") can only be obtained through a tailor. 

Just as every other 'suit' featured in this post, it will remove your pants when equipped. You can wear another shirt underneath it.

((I think just about every holiday has it's own version of a pantsuit (the equivalent for every dress i suppose?)) Though i have to admit, the Brewfest Regalia, is my favorite.  

 Okay okay, so i know this group of pantsuits doesn't necessarily fit in, (the wraps aren't from a holiday thing, but they just looked so lonely sitting there all by themselves!!) but it was better than posting each one separately. The Brewfest Regalia (left) is buyable with tickets (much like Dark Moon Faire tickets) during the Brewfest Holiday. The Pilgrim's Attire, can be obtained from any one of five quests regarding food (along with four hats, slippers, boots, and a dress). It is both Horde and Alliance friendly. 

The last, are the Soul-Trader's Bindings. Similar to the Antiseptic-Soaked Dressing, and Wound Dressing, the garb is made up of bandages to mimic those of the Ethereal traders found in Outland. Though you have to have the redemption card "Soul-Trader Beacon" in order to learn how to summon the vendor to buy the items (which can be purchased with Ethereal Credits), they're just too awesome not to mention, and apparently isn't too hard to come by. (There's also a nifty glitch that involves putting a kilt/skirt on underneath this item, which causes the garb to wrap around the skirt model instead of your legs! (perhaps this could be tried with other suits? I shall report back later!)

Last but not least, I give you overalls. These are notoriously used in engineer costumes, fishing outfits, and (more recently) Archaeology garbs. Only one of these is easily obtainable however. The ones on the right, "Blue Overalls" are a super-simple pattern available to all Tailors. If you know a tailor, chances are they've got this pattern tucked away in their grey recipes. 
The one on the left however, are the Mechbuilder's Overalls, which only drop from elite mobs in Gnomeregon. The droprates? lower than 0.06%. Fun huh? But don't fret, i've seen people obtain it. It takes a while, and a lot of time in that dreadful dungeon, but it's still there... waiting to be made into a truly awesome costume! 


And with that, i leave you all for the evening. It's hailing against my roof and windows, and the sirens for a tornado warning are starting to get on my nerves. I hope you all enjoyed today's posts! 

If you'd like to request an outfit, or a specific group (Leather Hats, Mail belts, Cloaks, etc.) Feel free to leave a comment! (I'm kind of making these up as i go, so if there's something i can do to help you without going down the lists of clothes one by one, then please don't be afraid to say something! :-D)

Once again, the models used here are from WoWhead. The art and game content (World of Warcraft in General) Belongs to Blizzard. I make no revenue off of this, nor will i ever attempt to. Plz no sue. :-3

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