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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Wardrobe: Robes > Arcana

        As i mentioned in the very first post, my entire reasoning for starting this blog was because i was sick and tired of clicking through all the items on wowhead to see each one individually. It was maddening! So this is going to be a visual-guide (and a work-in-progress) to all the awesome items you can wear/use in-game. Underneath each set of images, will not only be the name of the item pictured, but also the names of identical pieces (i'll try to update it when i can with variations that might occur such as short-sleeves, puffy sleeves, etc.)

        So without further ado, please enjoy!


First, on our list of wearables, are Cloth, Robes. These items can be worn by absolutely any class and appear over shirts and underneath tabards. There are (what seems like) hundreds of different styles, as well as colors and patterns! So i've broken them down into different groups for the sake of ease. 
.::|| Arcana || Silvermoon || Cataclysm || Elegant || Simplified || Tribal ||::.

Tonight, we'll be discussing the "Arcana". These robes usually consist of deep rich colors, decorated with coats, wraps, or sashes and accented with gold or silver filigrees. I named the group "Arcane" because (to me) they seem the most "mage"-like in design. 

((All models appear as the wowhead default Blood Elf Female, not because i have some strange love for Belves or think they're better -- but because their model was easiest to crop into boxes, and their stance shows off the garments easiest without arms/tentacles/hooves/etc. covering things.))


(List reads from left to right. Items pictured are in Bold. Identical garmets are listed below that)
(Please note i may have accidentally added/removed S's from the word "robe". If you cannot find the item in any database, just use the default word "robe" and search.)

  • High Robe of the Adjudicator
    • Narain's Robe
  • Aurora Robe 
    • Airfield Defender's Garb 
    • Seryl's Robes 
    • Waterbearer's Robes 
    • Victor's Robes
  • Silver-Thread Robe
    • Black Velvet Robe

  • Beastwalker Robes
  • Nicolette's Robes
    • Robe of Shame
    • Robes of Arcana
  • Ale-soaked Robe
    • Sacrificial Robe
    • Robes of Glorious Song
  • Regal Robe
    • Mystical Robe
    • High Councillor's Robe
  • Mindsurge Robe
  • Baroque Apron
    • Councillor's Robe

  • Imperial Red Robe
    • Robes of the Royal Crown
  • Consortium Combatan's Robes

  • O'Breen's Dress Robes
    • Lesser Wizard's Robes
  • Anacondra's Robes
    • Xakxak's Lab Frock
  • Robe of the Moccasin
  • Floodlily Robe
    • John's Stylish Robes
    • Apothecary's Robe
    • Doomsayer's Robe
    • Robe of Kelris
    • Je'neu's Robe
  • Falathim-Washed Robes
    • Hinott's Outer Robe
    • Labor Camp Frock
    • Steelbrow's Old Robe
    • Harlequin Robe
    • Conjurer's Robe
  • Royal Gown
  • Silver Dress Robe
    • Scholarly Robes
  • Shimmering Robe
    • Ivycloth Robe
  • Beguiler Robe
    • Robe of Combustion
  • Greater Adept's Robe
    • Vicar's Robe
  • Robes of Arugal
    •  Necropile Robe
  • Gossamer Robe
  • Robe of Power
  • Wizardweave Robe
  • Robe of Doan
  • Runecloth Robe
  • Arcane Robe
  • Frostweave Robe
    • Robe of Winter Night
  • Shadoweave Robe
  • Bloodwoven Wraps
    • Cindercloth Robe
    • Bloodvine Vest
  • Geomancer's Wraps
    • Opulent Robes
    • Funeral Pyre Vestments

Disclaimer: I do not own the images above. Blood elves and the garments they're wearing belong to Blizzard Entertainment. The model-viewer used to see these belongs to I make no profit from featuring these images, nor do i ever plan to. Plz. no sue, k?

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