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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Wardrobe: Robes > Simplified

        Once again, we visit the wardrobe of WoW -- this time, with the subject of Simplified garments. Being cloth robes, these items can be worn by absolutely any class and appear over shirts and underneath tabards. For the sake of ease, i've separated the designs into several categories;

.::|| Arcana || Silvermoon || Cataclysm || Elegant and Unique|| Simplified || Tribal ||::.

This specific type of robe can be found anywhere on Azeroth, and are easily available in a multitude of colors and variations. As you'll see, most of these have little to no intricacies on them, keeping them simple and plain. These are the most common pieces i've seen used in the most basic of role-play costumes -- and for good reason! Some can even be bought straight from vendors!

  • Shimmering Silk Robe
    • Ivycloth Robe
  • Death Speaker Robes
  • Smoldering Robes
    • Bloody Apron
  • Seer's Robe
  • Chromatic Robe
  • Pressed Felt Robe
  • Burning Robes
  • Robes of Solomon
  • Bright Robe
  • Unkempt Robes
    • Robe of the Keeper
    • Gray Woolen Robe
  • Neophyte's Robe
  • Harvester's Robe
  • Green Woolen Robe
  • Violet Robe
    • Darkmoon Robe
  • Dalaran Wizard's Robe
  • Light Magesmith Robes
    • Woodland Robes
    • Azure Watch Robes
  • Apprentice's Robe
    • Recruit's Robe
    • Vindicator's Tunic
  •  Snowy Robe
    • Warm Winter Robe
  • Plain Robe
    • Brown Linen robe (sides are present)
  • Apprentice's Robe
  • Primal Robe
    • Apprentice's Robe
  • Acolyte's Robe
  • Light Silk Robe
    • Double-stitched Robe
    • Scarlet Initiate Robe
  • Recruit's Robe
  • Fur Covered Robe
  • Robes of the Dragon Slayer
  • Acolyte's Robe
  • Astralaan Robe
  • Neophyte Robe
  • Spiderweb Robe
    • Spellbinder Robe
  • Red Linen Robe
  • Acolyte's Robe

  • Blue Linen Robe
  • Noble's Robe
    • Robe of Apprenticeship
    • Dalaran Nurse's Gown
  •  Disciple's Robe
  • Dustfall Robes
    • Duskwoven Robe
    • Coldtouch Phantom Wraps
  • Ceremonial Robe
    • Windroc Shroud
  • Abjurer's Robe
    • Mistscape Robe
  • Inferno Robe
    • Crimson Silk Robe
  • Black Mageweave Robe
    • Netherweave Robe
    • Master's Robe
    • Freezing Lich Robes
    • Robe of Everlasting Night


Disclaimer: I do not own the images above. Blood elves and the garments they're wearing belong to Blizzard Entertainment. The model-viewer used to see these belongs to I make no profit from featuring these images, nor do i ever plan to. Plz. no sue, k?

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