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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Wardrobe: Robes > Tribal

        As with the previous two posts, this post will also be dealing with those flowy vestments our mana-using-counterparts love to sport. Being cloth robes, these items can be worn by absolutely any class and appear over shirts and underneath tabards. For the sake of ease, i've separated the designs into several categories;
.::|| Arcana || Silvermoon || Cataclysm || Elegant and Unique|| Simplified || Tribal ||::.
Today, we'll be discussing "Tribal" robes. These designs reflect the native history and environment of the different peoples -- such as the Trolls, Orcs, Tauren, and even the Night Elves. Many of the styles incorporate plants, runes, or fur -- all items deeply rooted in the history of it's wearer. 

((All models appear as the wowhead default Blood Elf Female, not because i have some strange love for Belves or think they're better -- but because their model was easiest to crop into boxes, and their stance shows off the garments easiest without arms/tentacles/hooves/etc. covering things.))

  • Vital Raiment
  • Sage's Robe
    • Nightsky Robe
    • Lunar Raiment
  • Robes of the Shadowcaster
    • Raincaller Robes
  • Silksand Wraps
  • Embersilk Robe
    • Felcloth Robe
  • Goblin Neophyte Robe
  • Goblin Acolyte Robe
  • Goblin Apprentice Robe
  • Astoria Robes
    • Resplendent Robes
  • Eternal Wraps
  • Bonecaster's Shroud
  • Celestial Silk Robes
  • Elunarian Silk Robe
  • Mystic's Robe
  • Beaded Robe
  • Primal Robe
    • Ancestral Robe

  • Greenweave Robe
  • Novice's Robe
    • Native Robe
  • Pilgrim's Robe
  • Neophyte's Robe
  • Apprentice's Robe
  • Spring Robe
  • Barbaric Cloth Robes
  • Aboriginal Robe
  • Acolyte's Robe
  • Highborne Robes
  • Twilight Robes
    • Windchaser Robe
  • Gaea's Raiment
  • Elder's Robe
    • Darkmist Wraps
  • Brightcloth Robe
  • Sanguine Robe
  • Efflorescent Robes
    • Nature's Embrace
  • Consortium Robe
    • Fallen Apprentice's Robe
    • Solstice Robe
  • Fen Keeper Robe

  • Novice's Robe
  • Willow Robe
  • Archmage Robe
    • Durable Robe
  • Apprentice's Robe
    • Sorcerer's Robe
  • Twilight Cultist Robe
  • Thistlefur Robe
  • Frayed Robe
    • Pagan Robe
    • Resilient Robe
  •  Stonecloth Robe

Disclaimer: I do not own the images above. Blood elves and the garments they're wearing belong to Blizzard Entertainment. The model-viewer used to see these belongs to I make no profit from featuring these images, nor do i ever plan to. Plz. no sue, k?

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