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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Meet the Crew -- A.K.A, the mandatory introduction

        Welcome to the mandatory "meet so-and-so" post of "The Voodoo You Do", where you -- the reader -- gets to skip through about a hundred pictures and ramblings about my various characters that wander the lands of Azeroth (and occasionally Draenor) -- but first, a little about the blog itself.

Q: Why on earth did you make a WoW-blog?
A: Why the hell not? Actually, i was inspired by Kirina's Closet, the Well-dressed Gnome, and a few other well-known role-play/fashion blogs. Each one focused on the outfits, styles, and stories of various characters -- each one having it's own personality and characteristics. I decided one evening that cyphering through thousands of in-game items via WoWhead was too tedious, every time i wanted to throw together an outfit for one of my characters -- I wanted to be able to SEE every item, without having to check it off on a list of 200+ and then click "view in 3D". Not to mention having to pick through which race, which gender, and then throwing a fit when i'd managed to create a time-consuming outfit, only to realize 3 of the 8 pieces were Alliance only because lil' ol' me forgot to fix the filters... -- and thus "The Voodoo You Do" was born!

Q: So what makes you different from any other wow-fasion blog?
A: The other fashion blogs i've come across (Kirina, Well-dressed gnome, Visual RP, and many others) focus on their own styles and characters. Kirina for example, tends to base most of her designs around her Blood Elf and Tauren. Visual RP on the other hand, focuses on set items -- while just about every blog sports some kind of "profession" uniforms. Each one is different, and each one took time to compile --  just as i have made my own. So instead of sending hundreds of ideas in to each of these blogs and hoping they'll post them for others to see, i've decided to make my own!
Also, I'm not just posting clothes and weapons on here. I also plan on posting chapters to stories i'm working on, or really good rp's i've had -- not to mention scraps of outfits that might inspire other people, or that i myself might need some input on!

Q: Are all of your characters on RP realms? 
A: Not at the moment. When i first started playing, my real-life friends begged me to join Hyjal so that we could all play together. Since school was in-session, none of them really had a lot of time to play* -- and unfortunately, neglected to tell me they were all Alliance and my love for the Horde had already claimed a spot in my heart. So many of my main characters are on Hyjal (a pve realm) -- however, i plan on eventually moving them all to Moonguard this summer.

* = My junior/senior year of highschool was mostly spent at home out of school due to a fight with MRSA, so i had a lot of computer-time. 

Some other fun-facts:
  • While most of my characters are Horde, i do have a few alliance. I've been accused of hating them, but hate's too strong a word... "dislike with great fiery passion" probably covers it.
  • My absolute favorite races are the Trolls and the Draenei, with the Goblins and Blood Elves coming in a close second. My least favorite are the humans (who plays a fantasy game just to be human??), gnomes (specifically the male's voices), and Worgen. 
  • I suck at Paladins. 
  • I suck at PVP in-general. 
  • The entire reason i fell in love with female Trolls, was because of "SummerGale" from the song "Hard like Heroic". I had never seen a pretty troll until i'd seen her (which is the main reason most of my trolls have mohawks.)
  • I have way too much favorite art of Troll and Goblin men. (yum!)
  • This is not my first blog. My first blog is probably hidden somewhere in the nethers of the internet, forgotten about by my 13-year-old-self. However this is my first game-related blog. The only other blog i kept-up with was my wedding-blog-turned-crafting-fan-blog. It was a mess. 
  • Oh yeah, i'm getting married! Sometime during the Autumn or Winter of 2012 my fiance and I are tying the knot at St. Mary of the Woods (hopefully!). We're planning on either an "autumn/halloween" theme, or "Christmas". We have yet to decide which. 
  • Jim (my hubby) also plays WoW. You'll see his characters on here too, referred to as "Hota, Aldy, Osa, and Waldeburg" (along with various others -- those are just his mains.)
  • Most people know me by the name "Cakefortwo". 
  • I crochet and knit, and so does Jim. 
  • I have some pretty wicked Google-fu.
Okay okay, enough fun-facts. (If you're curious for more, i'm sure you'll ask me.) So without further ado, i give you...

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