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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Wardrobe: Pants > Capris

        Continuing with our trend of cloth items, we focus now on the second most essential garment when creating any outfit -- the pants. Though they go by many different names -- Kilts, Skirts, Legwraps, Pants, Leggings, and even the somewhat uncommon "Leg warmers", they all perform the same action -- keeping your lower half safe from harm and looking kickass all the while. 

Just as our last section on Robes, i've separated the next few items into similar categories; 
.::|| Pants & Leggings || Capris || Shorts || Skirts & Kilts ||::.
This particular thread, will be highlighting the strange marriage between pants, and shorts. Capris. Only calf-length, these leggings come in a multitude of designs, and are almost always the perfect length to tuck into those mid-length boots. However, i'll willingly admit i probably own none of these, as i've rarely found a use for them myself. (Let alone own any in real life o.O)
  • Squire's Pants
  • Scout's Pants
  • Recruit's Pants
    • Primal Pants
  • Woven Pants
    • Red Silk Trousers
    • Recovered Knit Pants
  • Trapper's Pants
    • Pagan Trousers
  • Native Pants
  • Greenweave Leggings
  • Buccaneer's Pants
    • Crimson Silk Pantaloons
    • Felcloth Pants
  • Brightcloth Pants
  • Stoneweaver Leggings
  • Azure Silk Pants
  • Abjurer's Pants
    • Royal Trousers
  • Gaze Dreamer Pants
  • The Postmaster's Trousers
  • Seafarer's Pantaloons
  • Abomination Skin Leggings
    • Darkweave Breeches
  • Thug Pants
  • Thug Pants
 (Anybody else think that's a little weird? o.O)
  • Stonecloth Britches
    • Ghostweave Pants
  • Sanguine Trousers
    • Dryleaf Pants
  • Crochet Pants
    • Geomancer's Trousers
    • Thistlefur Pants
  • Watcher's Leggings
  • Hibernal Pants
    • Venomshroud Leggings
    • Eldr'naan Pants
    • Nagahide Leggings
    • Deadly Borer Leggings
  • Arachnidian Leggings
    • Spellshock Leggings
  • Heap Leggings
    • Leggings of the Skettis Exile
  • Twill Pants
  • Aurora Pants
  • Solliden's Trousers
  • Heavy Weave Pants 
  • Cross-Stitched Pants
  • Canvas Pants
    • Foreman Pants
  • Handstitched Linen Britches
    • Striding Pants
  • Brocade Pants
  • Astralaan Pants
  • Recruit's Pants
  • Willow Pants
  • Unkempt Pants
    • Consortium Pants
  • Neophyte's Pants
  • Thin Cloth Pants
    • Light Cloth Pants
  • Sturdy Cloth Pants


Disclaimer: I do not own the images above. Blood elves and the garments they're wearing belong to Blizzard Entertainment. The model-viewer used to see these belongs to I make no profit from featuring these images, nor do i ever plan to. Plz. no sue, k?

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