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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I love a (wo)man in uniform!

It's all good and well to post pictures of skirts and pants, shirts and robes... but what's the use if you have no idea what on earth to use them for!?

Though there are countless websites out there for you to pore through for the most amazing outfits for professions and classes, and etc -- i figured i'd add a few of my own to the mix.

The first few outfits i'm going to showcase are actually based on one of my favorite outfits from Kirina herself! (Seen here: [link]) All play with the skirt/pant combos (added in Cataclysm!) i featured a couple posts back, and if used correctly, they can give the appearance (as in Kirina's example) of a long tunic, or (as seen in some of the others) a mini-skirt/vest combo!

(Edited to include a group-shot of the outfits in action. sort-of. Kinda. okay not really)


 First up, we have the luscious black uniform. (Even the hubby said this outfit looked dark and sexy!) Mysterious and kickass, this might be a good option for a rogue, or a motorcycle-lovin' badass?

Shirt: Stylish Black Shirt**
Hands: Bandit Gloves

Belt: Cured Leather Belt
Legs: Dragonwing Leggings
Feet: Bandit Boots

** = In the picture, i was an absolute moron (with a capital M) and posted a "common gray shirt" underneath a "Black velvet Chest" -- which apparently doesn't exist in game. Go me. It's easily replaced however with the Stylish Black shirt, however since it's just a shirt, the common gray shirt can't be worn of course.


 Admittedly not my best work, i dubbed this one "Royal blue" because of the blue-and-gold i tries to base everything on. It reminded me of Stormwind royalty, or a nobleman (noblewoman?)


Okay... you guys caught me, my favorite color is green!! I love seeing emeralds and golds together too, so this is one of my essential outfits -- though i usually pair it with a set of goggles and a wrench, but eh -- to each his own. Either way, it works well for just about every frame and every race! (kind of reminds me of Legolas' outfit from Lord of the rings...)

Chest: Conjurer's Vest (or) Ivycloth Vest
Shirt: Green Holiday Shirt
Gloves: Gloves of the Pathfinder
Belt: Knitted Belt
Legs: Artisan's Trousers
Legs: Twill Boots


I was told a long time ago, that purple was the color of royalty -- and this outfit surely fits the bill. Though i wish i could find a better pair of boots (perhaps Slippers of the Lonely road?)

Chest: Cat Lover's Vest
Shirt: Formal White Shirt
Wrist: Brocade Bracers
Belt: Knitted Belt
Legs: Ravensun Britches
Feet: Simple Linen Boots


 Based heavily on Kirina's outfit, i tried not to directly copy her -- but it was hard. This is by far one of my favorite outfits. I've always loved the "Belt & Tunic" look, so coming across this for the first time, was like hearing angels! I tried to use more browns than reds and blacks like Kirina, so hopefully she won't hate me!

Shirt: Sawbones Shirt
Hands: Resilient Handgrips
Waist: Knitted Belt
Legs: Earthinating Peasant Leggings
Feet: Imposing Boots

Optionally, it looks great with the "Crochet Hat" too -- just not on Artrio! lol.


So it's no secret that Artrio is in LOVE with history! Everything about the past is her present and what better to portray this love of all things dusty and ancient than an archeologist/steampunk uniform??

Head: Whatever Goggles you've got on hand??
Chest: Durable Tunic
Shirt: Thunder Bluff Doublet
Hands: Gloves of the Pathfinder
Waist: Knitted Belt
Legs: Breeches of Authority
Feet: Dusty Mail Boots
Offhands: Mistyreed Torch and Arclight Spanner

 More outfits for your favorite characters are coming soon! ;-) Keep an eye out! Hopefully i'll have the rest of the cloth set up really soon, followed by undershirts, cloaks, and tabards! ;-) 

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