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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

*Sproing* Whoops! I'm havin' a WARDROBE malfuction!

        Coming up with uniforms and outfits is probably one of my absolute favorite things to do on WoW. i mean, what's the point of having really wickedly cool armor and tabards, shirts and cloaks if you can't look completely kickass in them? Sure, you're going to go through boots and pants and helms like crazy as you level up and achieve greater questlines... but who's to say you can't KEEP those items when you're done? Not all RP gear is made up of grey items and tailor-made fancery.


A long time ago, my brother and I decided we wanted to make a guild. Not just any guild either, we wanted something that was going to have uniforms for meetings/rp, an entire system for tradeskills, and of course, a REALLY awesome name. We went through what felt like THOUSANDS of names before we came up with.... well... nothing. we still don't have a name, we still don't have a guild. I've been in quite a few over the years over various characters (my favorites having been "Shades of the Rising Sun" and "Knights of the Dragon" -- both on Hyjal) and no single name i could come up with could fully express how epic i wanted us to be. The only one i can remember that truly stuck in my mind, was "Iron Bounty" -- which ironically, was going to be my Alliance guild that focused on protecting Redridge mountains. Lame huh? 

Well anyways, the uniform consists of the following: 

Unfortunately, most of the items (Anything with the name "Warmonger") drops from rares that wander pretty much everywhere. So good luck! (If you find any identical items, please let me know and i'll update the list!)

(Like my new photoshop skills? lmao. they're sad. sorry!) 
I felt pretty bad showcasing only Hordies on here so far, so i decided to make a team of hot Ally Chickies for you all! One of my favorite everyday outfits (and pretty easy to obtain too!) is the one i affectionately call "Pahrpal". (The word comes from Spaghatta Nadle found over at Hyperbole and a Half...). There's an optional hat ("The Master's Hat") but it hid all of their faces for the picture, so i decided to leave it off for the shoot. 


One of my favorite and completely obscure NPC's, was "Shenthul" an old Troll Rogue trainer found in Orgrimmar before Cataclysm. He used to talk about the Shattered hand, and in the end, sent you out to Ravenholdt Manor -- which is still by far one of my favorite places to RP rogue-wise. Well, Illondra (my rogue) as badass as she is, was missing one main element to her character. A uniform. Now, she never made it very far rank-wise before going rogue (haha, puns. see!!?) so she was considered an Initiate -- high enough to carry out assasinations on nobodies and nicking items from inns and houses, yet low enough where she wasn't taken seriously, and her opinion rarely mattered. This, is her costume. 

It consists of all quest-rewards, save for the hood (which can be replaced with a mask or headpiece of your choice). 

My younger brother has a lot of characters. Though his favorites by far are his Undead Warlock, Orc Hunter, and Tauren Warrior -- he has his heart set on making a Goblin. Specifically a bounty hunter, or a mercenary for hire. Like most boys, he loves game-weapons, specifically Veranus' Bane. Since i had been on a uniform spree, he asked me to come up with a costume for the rediculously wicked gun. I give you, "The Marksman". Though my brother's uniform has an eyepatch and different boots, this is the one i came up with that was relatively easy to get, and looked awesome on my hunter as well. Though i had high hopes for this becoming a standard uniform for the archers/marksman in the upcoming guild, i doubt it's going to happen, considering many of these items are quest-rewards. 
Weapons Pictured:

This was the very first costume i ever created. Back before i realized some items are limited use, or only available for a certain time of year. In this case, it was the mask. BUT-- for those of you looking for a good Day of the Dead costume, then you're in luck ;-) 

An optional mask, would be the Mojo-Mender's Mask from Zul'Aman... however since the removal of it, and the soon-to-be reintroduction, i'm not sure if it'll still be there. But you could try! Of course there's always the "Big Voodoo Mask" as well, but it just seemed too plain/tall for the look i wanted. 


Well i hope you enjoyed the outfits so far, there are PLENTY more to come, including (hopefully.. O.o) a Hyldnir uniform, and various "ranger" costumes. ;-) 

If you have any suggestions/requests, please feel free to ask in the comments!

As always, World of Warcraft belongs to Blizzard. The models used were from -- i do not own these, and gain no money from doing this, nor will i ever. No sue plz.  

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