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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Thrall's Balls...

        Apologies for the lack of updates, Thanks to some moron with nothing better to do with their spare time but create pains in my ass, i lost a TON of files. The virus ate just about every picture/document i had saved in or around the desktop, and had to practically start the laptop up from scratch. Luckily, i had a few of these files emailed to the hubby, so i was able to retrieve majority of the information. I'm slowly catching back up to where i was though, and should have another installment for the wardrobe list up soon. I also noticed i'm a complete idiot and was searching with ITEM level instead of REQUIRED level this whole time... so i have quite a few robes/pants/etc. that i missed the first time around.You're all allowed to smack me.

In the meantime, enjoy what i've got up so far, and keep an eye out for some new uniforms/outfits my brother and i have put together ;-) 

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